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We are delighted to announce the unveiling of Taste GAGE Sweetness Desktop 1.0 (Beta) (SaaS), an innovative platform designed to provide an objective simulator of product taste, odor, and feel.

Taste GAGE quantifies the impact of sweetness (val®), based on any combination and concentration of more than 70 eligible sweeteners in food and beverage.

MAMAY revolutionized taste communication by developing val® - the comprehensive lexicon of the taste experience - in smart machine language. Taste GAGE will quantify saltines, sourness, bitterness, and other taste, odor, or feel sensations.


For being full hand in making this happen, we would like to thank Dr. Fernando Shved and Dr. Michael Zviely, and Prof. Masha Niv. We would like to thank Prof. Howard Moskowitz for the inspiration and for the mental support. 


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